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Storage Solutions for a Small Kitchen

Creating a layout in a small kitchen that will enable you to save as many things as you can and have adequate space for movement at the same time may be challenging. Moving around in a small kitchen may be difficult and may find yourself tripping and falling over items most of the time. You desire to add more modern items to your kitchen, but you have no clue on how to do it because the space looks so small to add other items. Getting a more spacious kitchen means you are moving to a bigger house if you are renting that you may not be able to afford. You should be creative with your storage kitchen idea for you to create the space you want in your kitchen. You can use the following guidelines for you to have more space in the kitchen.

Magnetic spice jars are an excellent way to store spices because you can hang them on the door your fridge and save the space in the cupboard and all the shelves for other items. Use magnetic boards and put your magnetic spice jars on top of them.

The traditional way of storing pots and pans is using cardboard and a shelf which will take up too much space, but the modern way of using hanging racks utilizes very little space. You can use hooks and the pans from the ceiling instead of the wall.

Attach hooks in the cabinet that can be used to hang small items such as cooking spoons, teacups, you mention them. The hook should be long and strong enough to handle several items.

Getting cuts from knives is easy when you store them in drawers and unlike on magnetic knife strips. The blades of your knife will stay sharp when you store them on magnetic knife strips. Buy magnetic stickers and stick them on additional items such as measuring and serving spoons to be hung the magnetic knife strip for optimum utilization of the storage space.

Use a pegboard to hang those bulky items such as cooking pans. You can use different patterns such as strips and spots when painting your pegboard for it to add more beauty in the kitchen. Your pegboard does not limit you to the number of hooks you can attach on it. For you to make the items look attractively arranged on the pegboard, you should also be creative with your style of organizing them. You can also have you are kitchen towels on this pegboard if it is large enough to accommodate bulky items and leave space for the towels.

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